In a nutshell. Victorian pier and prom – and, would you believe, prehistoric mines on the headland above?

Picture-perfect Llandudno is just… well, perfect. Purpose-built in the 19th century as one of a new breed of seaside resorts, Llandudno is a 21st-century survivor. While many of the UK’s resorts have suffered decline, Llandudno confidently sticks to its guns and Victorian roots – and is all the better for it.

Lovers of Victoriana have a fine time here. All the classic architectural features are in place. Tall, gabled buildings, big bay windows, decorative ironwork, ornate plasterwork and canopied shopping streets, undisturbed by inappropriate modern development, create a rare sense of unity and harmony. Punch is still battling with Judy, there are donkey rides on the beach, and you can walk 670m/2,200ft out to sea on the immaculate pier, the longest in Wales that looks as fresh as the day it was first opened.

2015 marks the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s magical book - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

To celebrate the connection between the real Alice and Llandudno, two exciting town trail apps have been launched.

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Distance from Conwy:
5 miles – 10 minutes by car.

Public Transport:
Frequent bus services