Conwy Mussels

Regarded as the best in the UK, mussels have been collected in Conwy for hundreds of years. During the mussel fishing season (which runs from 1st September to 30th April,) the mussels are collected from the river bed by a traditional fishing method using long hand-rakes from small boats. These small boats which are small shallow draft fishing boats traditionally used for fishing are called “dory’s and are operated by one man per boat.

A quarter of a tonne is a good haul. The catch is brought back to be purified in tanks on the quay for 42 hours in special infra-red tanks. Conwy Mussels are fished seasonally and the method of fishing is traditional, sustainable and environmentally friendly ensuring that the mussel beds are retained for future generations.

All over town they are served in restaurants and bistros, nowadays served in wine, mariniere style, rather than the traditional fishermen’s way – with fried bacon.

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